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Title: WS-1090 Indoor Temperature accuracy
Post by: tturivera on August 11, 2012, 10:40:46 AM
I just got my ws-1090 in the mail a week ago for my birthday (my wife rocks!). I opened it up, connected everything, and it seemed to be functioning well. I set it outside for a few days while I determined the best way to mount the station on my storage shed. Last night, there was a huge storm that blew my station over. All the instruments survived (thank God), but the battery cover popped off and the batteries came out. When I plugged it all back in this morning I was having issues with the receiver panel picking up the transmitter, so I took out the batteries from my panel and plugged it back in. The transmitter picked up within a minute or two and all of the outdoor readings look good (so far). The strange thing is that now my indoor temperature is WAY off. It says that it's 110 F inside my house, but the AC is set to 72. I brought it outside where the readings should be similar to the transmitted data, but it now says its 113.6 F indoor and 79.2 outdoor, but they are like 50 feet from each other.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
Title: Re: WS-1090 Indoor Temperature accuracy
Post by: DanS on August 11, 2012, 06:57:24 PM
The console/display was inside the whole time the storm came by and knocked over the outside sensors? You could try removing all batteries from everything and letting it set for a while to drain completely then just re-insert the console/display batteries only. This should provide a clean power-up state for the console alone without the outside sensors just to see if it comes back correctly (inside temp) without any outside interference in case they received damage.

Happy birthday and welcome to the forum!
Title: Re: WS-1090 Indoor Temperature accuracy
Post by: tturivera on August 11, 2012, 08:29:06 PM
Yes, the console was inside, but I had temperarily leaned up the outdoor sensors against a wall (not expecting a storm). I have tried taking the batteries out multiple times to allow for a reset of the console. I know that it resets because the date and time all get set back to factory default dates/times. It's really a shame because I got the sensors all setup nicely today (I'll try to post a pic tomorrow), and the outdoor data points (I believe) are reading correctly. I'll call the ambient weather customer support on Monday to see what they say.

On a side note, does anyone have a recommendation for software to connect the WS-1090 to that is compatible with a Mac? I'd like to put the data on the computer and see some graphs as time progresses. Due to the lack of a workstation (I only have a laptop), I'm not planning on having live updates to a website. However, it would be nice to store the weather information and see trends over time.