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Ecowitt WH41 Air Quality Sensor (PM2.5) only reading low


Has anyone run into this problem?

I have a Ecowitt WH41 and it is just sitting on 3-4ug/m3 no matter what the actual AQI is.

IE there is currently a fire in our area and a hand held is reading 100ug/m3 similar to the offical AQI website but the Ecowitt is reading 3ug/m3.

Is there any reset or a part than can be replaced?

Or is the unit now US?

The Unit was purchased in the middle of 2019 and seems to have started this behavior b4 Christmas.

I don't know if this is your case but I stumbled in this video ( as I was searching how to mount my PMS7003 to prevent dust build up on the sensor )
Even tough the WH41 sensor is different, these low cost sensors are similar, so the problem could be dust build up, a malfunctioning fan...

P.S. I don't know how to trust a sensor after such a cleaning...
P.P.S. Here a small comparison of a few sensor, the oldest sensors show sign of 'fatigue'
So this is to be expected with time...


--- Quote from: davidefa on April 27, 2021, 10:23:43 AM ---I don't know if this is your case but

--- End quote ---

The Ecowitt uses a Honeywell sensor.
Anyway it stays on 3-4ug/m3 even with the sensor disconnected.

So definitely a problem somewhere.

Just to let everyone know Lucy sent me a replacement for this faulty one at no charge.

I thought the new one was also not working, but it is fine.
It was sitting on 0ug/m3 for a bit, but it was just that the original I had never ever went to 0.
So the original may have been faulty from the beginning.

I will say that Ecowitt has been good at replacing these.  My original one, which worked fine for 6 months,  started to report only 11 ug/m3 regardless of what the actual reading was.  The first replacement was bad also due to a bad antenna/board.  The 2nd replacement appears to be working great.


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