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Issue with rain from WH40 not setting rain current conditions icon in WD


I am using the latest Weather Display with my new GW1003 station with a WH40 rain gauge.I have set WD to use the station rain totals because it did not seem to pick up rain after a first tip (no I do not have ignore first tip set). However even after using the station totals the WD current conditions icon is not set to rain despite it having been raining for 2-3 hours now, although the WD totals do now agree with the WH40 reporting. It is most annoying since this also sets the icon on my website which should show rain but has the cloudy icon set.

I am wondering if anyone here using a WH40 and GW1000 with WD had the same problem and if so how was it fixed? Also what settings do others use for rain in WD with a WH40 gauge?


Please ignore. The error was between chair and keyboard!

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