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Cron reader not detecting Ecowitt Lightning Sensor


Hi everyone.

The transmitter on my old weather station failed - so I ordered a new Ecowitt modular station with separate wind/rain/temp sensors, as well as a soil moisture and lightning detector.

I am running all my data through the very latest version of Weather Display on a laptop running Windows 10.

Everything is working great - except for the lightning detector. The WSview app shows it. shows it. I get email alerts from Ecowitt whenever a strike is detected. None of the WH70 lightning data is being read/recorded by Weather Display.

After investigating a bit, The CRON program that parses the data from the GW1000 hub does not seem recognize/register any data from the lightning detector - this despite it being registered and recorded as active via the WSview app and Ecowitt. I took a pic of the data captured by CRON while the lightning detector is operating. Also, after I took this picture, I put batteries in the soil moisture sensor and it was almost instantly detected and registered by everything - including the Cron program - but still no lightning data.

Have tried re-booting everything, re-registering the lightning sensor - all to no avail.

If anyone can give me some guidance I will be very, very grateful. Thanks so much in advance.

The op has a thread on the weather-watch forum about this and has reported that he does not see the information coming from his station so it looks like a hardware issue. See,70991.msg571232/topicseen.html.



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