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Is sky cover information used by PWSWeather?

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I got a great response from Aeris.

--- Quote ---For PWS stations or software that do not support/send cloud cover, the PWS ingest system will check to see if there is a recent nearby airport observation (METAR) that provides this information. If so, the ingest script will utilize this and make note of the station used. This is the method that PWS has used for the last 10-15 years, though in Jan 2020, we narrowed the radius used to check for a nearby METAR. Some software packages such as VWS perform a similar check as well.

If you would like to verify the ICAO being utilized for the cloud info, with your PWS contributor account you can query the Aeris API for your PWS station ID:

The response will include a skywxSrcattribute which states the ICAO that was used for the sky information. In the future, as an alternative and for improved accuracy, we may offer the option of using our new conditions endpoint, which can return the sky cover for the station's specific latitude/longitude, using the latest satellite information at the time of the observation.

I also notice that we do not have information on this within our FAQ; I am going to suggest adding this to the FAQ today.
--- End quote ---

This is why this bothers me.  I'm not all that concerned about forecasting but the current conditions should be reported from the closest station.

Same date and time...very large difference.  AerisPulse app on the left, PWS Monitor app on the right

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I send using Cumulus and sky cover data is on my PWSWeather page.  However, I am halfway between ORD and MDW which is almost certainly why.

PWS should use our solar sensor data for the cloud cover and they would set that to sunrise to sunset so that its only for daytime use, so why they do not is a little baffling

As for the stations that do report it, it looks like MADIS stations do (not sure about others) and that is probably coming from the nearest official station. Prior to me setting up on PWSweather, my CWOP station was already on there, evidently they pull that data from someone other than me, i wanted my own data on there so that i could use that for YoWindows current condtions so i set it up, the one i setup does not show cloud on there, but my CWOP does and it shows as MADIS in the top right.


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