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Air quality sensors in winter (freezing/snow) conditions



I have an Ecowitt HP2553 station to which I’d like to add a WH41 PM2.5 outdoor sensor. But I live in Québec, Canada, where we have sub-zero C temperatures in the winter and (lots of) snow.

I have been unable to find any information on if/how air quality sensors work in these conditions (neither general info nor specific to the WH41).

Would anyone here have some knowledge or experience to share?



I'm going through this right now. So far so good. During snow the air quality can spike a bit.

What are the temp operating specs for the wh41?
Curious as sounds like works ok in cold but wondering what minimum temperature limit is?

So far so good except mine went offline when it hit -20oC, and came back to life when it warmed up a little. The batteries are freezing at this temperature. Works pretty well below this temperature.

Whilst the temperature is a constraint for battery technology you could always supplement the batteries with a more powerful solar panel such as those used by outdoor cams.
Obviously this would keep the sensor going only during daylight and not if covered in ice/snow/frost but it might help.


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