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PWS Weather displays wrong barometric pressure value

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Plug Nickel:
Running into a strange problem.
I'm updating PWS weather with Virtual Weather Stations built in WeatherForYou / HamWeather updater.

My Virtual Weather Station software reports my barometric pressure as 30.08 and is reporting that value however PWS Weather shows it as 29.44.

Even stranger, WeatherForYou shows it correct as 30.08.

I thought WeatherForYou got its data from PWS Weather so how can they be different?

I've been sending emails to PWS Weather, but does anyone here have a clue?

WeatherForYou only gets data from your station if you gave them permission to use and give credit to your station for its data. Otherwise you could be seeing some other data source in WeatherForYou. When you pull up WeatherForYou do you see your station mentioned?

If you posted some of your station IDs it might be helpful for others to take a look.

Notice red arrow indicating where the data is coming from. This would be the station name in PWSweather if it is being credited.
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What I'm saying is that just because you upload to Hamweather (now PWSweather) doesn't mean that it automatically gets credited or used at WeatherForYou. You have to send an email to WeatherForYou and allow them to credit your PWSweather station.

Plug Nickel:
Hello galfert,
Yes, I'm uploading my station on WeatherForYou as well.

It's the strangest thing...

Looks good as in your station is being referenced and credited for the data. I think this is a question for WeatherForYou. That is strange.

Maybe WeatherForYou does not use barometric pressure from your station and they only use temperature? Or maybe they aren't using your barometric pressure because they detected a variance that was too great for your data? These are all questions for WeatherForYou.


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