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It's FINALLY here! The new website!

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Many of you have been waiting many months or even years for a new version of  Well the public beta of is now available!  There are still some bugs to work out (especially with the ever troublesome precipitation).  But the team is committed to addressing the ones which have been found over the last decade or so.  You can link to the new site from the old one.  But the direct link is...

In the green bar at the top of the pages is a link to "Tell us what you think. >"  PLEASE submit any issues you see.

The new site not only includes stations but also METAR and MADIS.  Also you can select overlays for radar, satellite and alerts.

Thanks for your patience.  We're hoping everyone thinks it was worth the wait.

New pws beta site is up....thoughts? Quick glance.... need Temps in tenths in table view.


I see you have the CWOP stations already is there any reason to also enable PWS on Cumulus?

I'm sure it's my incompetence, but I can't see any wx stations, none.


--- Quote from: CW2274 on February 17, 2020, 07:39:43 PM ---I'm sure it's my incompetence, but I can't see any wx stations, none.

--- End quote ---
LOL... click view station map. In the big greenbox.
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