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Where are the scripts?

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--- Quote from: godfatherb on September 24, 2020, 10:28:31 AM ---Appreciate it but nope... "Relayweather scripts
Michael Holden (mth) of relayweather.com wrote several popular scripts. He discontinued his script distribution and weather website"

So was wondering if anyone had them somewhere.

--- End quote ---

His scripts are listed just below that sentence, including the links to the zips
=> World Weather 24 Hour Extremes Full Version
=> World Weather 24 Hour Extremes Menubar Gadget

Ken has all the legacy scripts there to download.


Your right....I totally missed it. Thanks.

Hello ken,

is there a way where you can script this and put it on the list of quakes? EMSC is somewhat faster in terms of earthquake updates? it is on php, I wonder if can be included on your quake scripts from http://www.emsc-csem.org/Earthquake/Map/earth/kml.php



I use this script for the thermometer on my Saratoga site. 
# BASHEWA.COM VERSION HISTORY: (by Rainer Finkeldeh)                           #
# --- Versiom 1.08 - 09-Jan-2010 - re-added show current temperature on bulb.  #
#                                  added option to show UOM on bulb.           #

Is there a later version?  BTW this one works perfectly.

Brisbane, Australia


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