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Weather Link Serial for cheap!


I'm looking for a Davis WeatherLink, serial version for cheap. Is there a way to use the Datalogger and cable WITHOUT WeatherLink software? If so, Is anyone looking to sell just the datalogger and cable?

Is there an alternative to using this method?


No I do not have one for sale.

No you do not need to use the W/L software. You can use other weather software such as VWS or Weather Display.

Gil I doubt your going to find just the data logger. Most people just order one and use what ever software they please. Also I don't think there is a way around it. In this regard Davis gotcha.

Yes, it is a package deal. You can think of it as buying the datalogger and getting the software for free. Or, buying the software and getting the datalogger for free. Which ever way makes you feel better. You can not purchase them seperate.



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