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Is this an acceptable spot for my rain gauge?

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I've switched from an all in one station to one with individual sensors so I can put my rain gauge in an easy to access spot and not my roof (you can see my old station top right).  Is this four foot fence post an ok spot for my rain gauge?  I know it's not ideal with the houses there but there's about 15-20ft clearance around the rain gauge and it has a clear view of the sky. 

Love the dog watching across the window  :eek:


--- Quote from: pcontreras on April 15, 2024, 04:42:59 PM ---Love the dog watching across the window  :eek:

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that's her favorite spot to sit when she's not outside

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Considering the alternatives it is.

Stepping back and panning around to the right what does it look like?

Aussie Susan:
I would be concerned about the 'rain shadow' being cast by the buildings (and possibly the trees).
How often do you need to actually do something with the rain gauge that would make the top of your roof (where the current station is) not suitable?


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