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PHP for USA quakes from USGS updated


The quake-USA-test.php script has a one-line change to fix the date problem (the USGS site changed a bit leading to a change in a regex for the script).

Line 153 was
--- Code: --- preg_match('|<FONT COLOR="#CC0000">(.*)<BR>|Usi',$html,$updated);
--- End code ---
and now is changed to
--- Code: --- preg_match('|<FONT COLOR="#CC0000">(.*)<BR/>|Usi',$html,$updated);
--- End code ---

You can change your copy of the script, or download (and customize) the updated copy at http://saratoga-weather.org/scripts-quake.php

Thanks to anchorageweather for spotting the issue!

Best regards,


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