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Steel Gauges not displaying Weather Data


Running Davis Vantage Pro into Raspberry Pi 4B via Metro-Pi interface using WeeWX 4.10.2.

Using Seasons Skin, to generate index.html file for display of data.  All works.

Added the Steel Gauges Extension using wee_extension to add the software and additions to weewx.conf and gauges.js

Checked that adjustments to weewx.conf and gauges.js were done as per readme on steel gauges pages.  All looks OK.

new index.html and gauge-data.txt created every report cycle (5mins).  Checked gauge-data.txt has correct values for wind, temp, rain etc at each report cycle.  All good.

However when display index.html shows correct header name, station location but with needles on gauges set to lowest values, and not showing values in gauge-data.txt.  Further remote sensor LED is green but when hover over it then it says remote sensor status unknown.  Also grey status bar show error:Not Found and box to left counts up in negative seconds to 300 seconds when LED goes red.

What have I done wrong, not done.  Assume its not reading the input data, e.g. not reading gauge-data.txt


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