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What do you use for heater for Rain Wise Rain Guage?


Considering modifying Davis VP2 to use the Rainwise rain guage, but live in snowy location in Buffalo NY.
Question is what are you using for heater for cold weather to melt snow with Rain Wise rain guage (803-1001)
I have Davis rain guage  heater, not sure if that will work/ fit safely? Please share ideas, what you use.

Thanks for sharing what are using/ ideas so can be sure have options before purchasing and being able to use in winter.



I put a Davis heater in mine.  It works ok, but when it is below about 10F, it is just too cold. I even insulated my cone.

My rain gauge is not working, so not a big deal. May start a new thread to see what other options I have.

I have a Davis heater from my original Weather Wizard III station from 1997 that lasted up until a few years ago.
I wrapped pipe heat tape around the inside of a spare rain gauge I have and switch it out around November 1st with my regular one.

It works surprisingly well but isn't foolproof. I still melt snow from my CoCoRaHs gauge each morning in winter though.


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