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CUdefs needs updating.

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Just noticed this morning that CUdefs.pop is now showing deprivation errors, is there an upto date version of the file.
 Everything was fine yesterday, so these errors are new.

Thanks. Nick.

Yep, https://dw7240.com/Base-Canada/check-fetch-times.php?show=versions shows you need the 1.12 version.

Sorry Ken,

I've got latest version installed which I already tried and rebounded back yo a older version, still same issue, also common.php showing depricated error.......

Warning: Undefined variable $string in /home/gmib2hi4341s/public_html/Base-Canada/common.php on line 503

this file is also latest version, check-fetch-times shows all files are up to date, and check-fetch-times is latest version.

Any suggestions ?

Nick. dw7240.com

Hmmm... try changing common.php line 496 from
--- Code: --- $string1 = '';

--- End code ---
--- Code: --- $string = '';

--- End code ---

ahh, great thanks Ken, common.php seems to have no errors now, now just CUdefs to sort out, heres the error as shown on site.....

Warning: Undefined variable $tstr in /home/gmib2hi4341s/public_html/Base-Canada/CU-defs.php on line 741

Deprecated: preg_replace(): Passing null to parameter #3 ($subject) of type array|string is deprecated in /home/gmib2hi4341s/public_html/Base-Canada/CU-defs.php on line 741

Thanks Ken for your time as ever.

Nick. dw7240.com


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