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In the last day I notice that now claims I have 5 extra temperature sensors. I actually have none. The PC app shows them available for selection/deselection in the right hand 'tools' panel. They appear on the Android Weatherlink app as well as 2nd and 6th reading -1.7C with the 3rd, 4th and 5th reading 2.2C. High and low options for each although these are just a dash.
New ISS transmitter installed recently.


George, if you care to send me the log-in details then I'm happy to take a look. Can't promise an answer but there's no substitute for looking for clues first-hand.

Restart the console. She gets these weird readings sometimes. Disconnect it from the power supply (batteries and power supply) for several seconds. Should help.

I'll try that. Thanks


Had extra sensors showing for years, couldn't get rid of them so just live with then now


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