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Wind reporting not right. **solved**

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Interpreting those, then Wind 3.4 and 12.3mph matches the Average wind speed and Gust 7.2 and 17.7mph matches the Wind speed.

Wind speed is typically not an instantaneous value and could be related to and archive interval or similar? Average wind speed is more likely over an extended time frame, 10 minutes or similar as per standards? The values can be matched up based on whatever time frames they are derived, maybe the term "Gust" is misleading in cross interpreting the values? By definition a Wind Gust has to be over 18mph and must be 10mph faster than the average wind speed over a certain time. 

Over what time frame is the Gust or High Speed or Peak Gust or Sustained speed etc derived? Stations can log data differently, over different set averages, over user set averages, dependent on and within the interval.

Hovering over the Wind speed you will not see 9.8 but the 2,5,10,15,30,60 min History, it may get reflected in the Today Max @ Date/Time but until it's > 17.7mph then a little unknown not knowing how the value is derived as it is dependent on the station.               

Starting to go over my head a bit. I am not really sure how ecowitt calculates gusts versus instant or average wind speeds. It does seem logical to me though that gust speed should be higher than, and not the same as, the regular wind speed. Below is from their website, but I'm not sure it answers the question. The sensor reports to the station every 4 seconds.

For now, I went back to having the station do the reporting to WU as that is proving the numbers I expect to see.

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these pictures show the sampling rate - the WS80/WS90/WS68/WS69 report in their transmission interval 4.75/8.8/17/16 seconds the highest measured wind speed as gust.
The averaged result of the whole sampling inside the reporting interval is reported as wind speed.
That's what you can see on the postings.
Meteobridge takes what it gets from the console in the quering interval - which again results from what the console receives from the sensor(s).
It looks like all is ok.
Some websites/weather services create their own (additional) 10 minute average wind speed out of the posted data.
The sampling of MB depends on the query interval - if you use a GW1x00/GW2000 or another console with the Ecowitt gateway interface - and the MB GW1000 driver - you get a different result than from what you get if you use the http interface (custom server) with MB - as the posting interval will as a rule be longer than the Ecowitt gateway query.
Posting to WU from the console is either every minute or even every 5 minutes => only the readings available at the moment of the posting assembly will be sent, all other values will be dropped. The Gateway query interval will be much shorter. So you risk to compare apples with pears.


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