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App Updates Historical Data in Graphs and Tables?

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Howdy folks, still pretty new at all this.... have a Logia 5-in-1 Wi-Fi Weather Station installed... and connected to Weather Underground... have a question or so about the data I see (or cannot see) using Weather Underground... it seems like the Graph/Table only displays 5 minute increments for a day.... is that true?

For example, last night, I saw on my console, a wind gust of 46 Mph.... but when I use the Weather Underground, and view my station, I cannot see that 46mph gust anywhere???

When I pull up historical data for that day, it shows it only in 5 minute increments for wind speed and gusts.... for example the 46mph was at 8:32 pm I believe, but viewing the table and or graph, i see data for say 8:31, then 8:36 then 8:41 etc.... 5 min increments, nowhere can I see the 46mph gust that was seen by my console at 8:32....  so, had I not been watching that console, during that time, I don't think I would have ever known about the bigger gust of 46mph....

Am I missing something?  Is there not a way to see biggest gust for a day using Weather Underground (for my station)?

Thanks and I appreciate any and all assistance. 

WU, while very popular isn't too reliable.
When WU owned it was a very good. Run by weather geeks.
Now not so much. If you are looking for
Software to view your data I would suggest another route.
As for your question I would think  the highest gust should show up for that particular archive. At least it should but not sure how WU handles that.

My 72.8 km/h high gust yesterday at 15:16 doesn't show on the WU Table view but can see it in the Graph view by hovering on the chart.


Hi folks, thank you for the replies... Paul, please pardon my ignorance, but I took a look at it "seems" (in the Graph) that it shows that reading at 15:19 ?  A five minute increment.... seems like that graph is showing like 3:14, 3:19, 3:24 etc...

Like if that wind had come in at say 3:17 .. you would not have seen it?  Lol... Or, I could be mistaken.  Lol

It has always seemed to me that in the graphs, WU puts down a plot in 5 minute intervals, but does some averaging of the values received during each interval. I don't know for sure, but that is how it appears to me.


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