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Re: web camera NOT uploading to templates **solved**


Have an Amcrest/IP cam that has worked well for the past year.  Recently I added a template that has web cam capabilities.  The camera output shows everything in orded, but the pic upload to the templates has stopped.  Now when I check the camera URL ( in various browsers, I receive a blank screen.  I'm receiving green checks all the way around on all the MB settings.  see attachments......

Actions so far: rebooted router, MB RPi4, camera

I'm not sure where to post this??  I may post on Meteobridge Forum & Weather Watch to see if anyone has encountered this before.  Also have an open ticket with Amcrest.

Any help is appreciated.


2thepoint: Amcrest requires credentials to be embedded in the "External Picture" setting of MB.  Entering just the camera ip results in a black screen.

Used a utility ISpy to generate a compatible URL.



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