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Thanks for the reply Vasco and advice! I was going to post there this morning, but realized that I would be away for the weekend, and if someone had an answer or suggestion, I wouldn't be around to try it out, So, perhaps Sunday - oh but the Superbowl will be on, lol.

I had this issue years ago but not with that warning, it was something else and someone had a quick response for a fix. but I went through my post and couldn't find it. But again I think it's something else.

Again thanks for your help.

You're using the alt-ajax-dashboard.php (ajax-dashboard6.php) Version 6.95e - 01-Feb-2022 .. there's a 6.95f version which handles PHP 8.1.

The two errata are coming from the split_hash_date() function, and there are two instances of that:

   Line 1165:                         <?php $_array = split_hash_date($dateoflastrainalways) ?>
   Line 1734:                         <?php $_array = split_hash_date($firstsnowseason) ?>

Looking at testtags.php shows:

$dateoflastrainalways = '---';

and $firstsnowseason is not in testtags.php

The rain info is likely the cause of the issue since no rain has been recorded, so the last rain date is 'null'.

--- Code: ---                        <?php $_array = split_hash_date($dateoflastrainalways) ?>
                        <?php echo rdate($RecDateF, $_array[1], $_array[0], $_array[2]); ?> <br/>
                        <?php echo "at " . $timeoflastrainalways; ?>

--- End code ---
--- Code: ---                        <?php if($dateoflastrainalways !=="---") {$_array = split_hash_date($dateoflastrainalways) ?>
                        <?php echo rdate($RecDateF, $_array[1], $_array[0], $_array[2]); ?> <br/>
                        <?php echo "at " . $timeoflastrainalways; 
                        } else { print "N/A"; } ?>

--- End code ---

Thanks for the reply Ken.

I Thought I did all that because I upgraded to PHP 8.1 a while ago, at least I thought I did and everything seemed to work -- In the past 2 weeks my hosting service ungraded the Linux to Enterprise 8 from 6, and lst week I finally caved in with windows forcing me to go to Win 11.

So with that being said I downloaded the zip file AltAjaxDashboard695f  extracting the zip there are are bunch of other folders and files some of which seem to be the same as what I have -- so should I update all?


Hi Ken, I won't be able to work on this until Sunday - but - this happened after I checked my staus page and it said I needed to update some of my files -- Any way I think what happened is that I went from the 695f back to the 695e - cause I just check the downloaded file it gave me to update yesterday and that's what it was 695e.

Ok thanks later.


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