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so how about the AltAjaxDashboardConfig6.php file, where can I get the right version of that script?

So using versions:  ajax-dashboard.php - Version 1.33 - 07-Feb-2023
                             ajax-dashboard6.php - Version 6.95f - 31-Dec-2022'
                              AltAjaxDashboardConfig - Version 6.92d 14-May-2021

I get theses errors  Warning: Undefined array key 1 in /home/hogan2/pennlake.us/ajax-dashboard6.php on line 2907
                             Warning: Undefined array key 2 in /home/hogan2/pennlake.us/ajax-dashboard6.php on line 2910

If I change the ajx-dashboard6.php back to Version 6.95e - 01-Feb-2022';
I get these warnings:
                             Warning: Undefined array key 1 in /home/hogan2/pennlake.us/ajax-dashboard6.php on line 2904
                             Warning: Undefined array key 2 in /home/hogan2/pennlake.us/ajax-dashboard6.php on line 2907

I did not look at the difference in the code 2907 is common in both

And the WD testtags are the purple air.

Ok, got it -- after changing just about everything -I did change the ajax dashboard script per your instruction, but with all the changes I made I guess I substituted a clean sript back into the equation. I went through everything again last night and Wahoo!!!

Thanks Ken and Vasco!!!!!!!


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