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{RESOLVED}Scripts broken./Has the NWS made a change lately or having issues?

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And the printable forecast does work. as a straight url.


Ok, still insufficient info.  Try uploading the attached as php-check.php5 to your site.  It checks for availability of PHP key parts required to run the scripts.
And.. it's likely NOT an NWS issue, but an issue specific to your webserver that's causing the problems.

It's there:


Ok, looks like missing functions in PHP extensions isn't the problem.

You'll need to check the Apache error_log for your site to see what it says about NWSforecastScript.php5 .. there would be a PHP Fatal Error message or two to further the diagnosis.  BTW PHP 5.6.40 is very old, and your NWSforecastScript.php5 is an older copy of advforecast2.php (which should work on PHP 5.6.40)

You can update it to V4.05 at https://saratoga-weather.org/advforecast2-V4.05.php?sce=view

I looked via ftp for any error log type files saw none.  My hosting is Godaddy.  In there Control Panel I did find this, but again no help there.


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