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WU connection intermittent on WS-2000

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Hi I have been noticing today that my connection to weather underground seems to be intermittent as the WU logo in the top left corner of the display which indicates connection to WU seems to be on then off sporadically it seems to connect every 8 to 10 minutes as it was always updated every few seconds before. The ambient weather logo beside it stays on, and in the ambient weather app it updates every few seconds to 1 minute which is normal. I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this behavior today as I think it may be on WU's end.

PS wifi signal is FULL and have rebooted router.

Same here , 14 minutes behind right now and I checked other station in my area and there the same . Probably a server  problem at IBM causing the problem again .

Same here with a GW1100A_V2.2.1. Hope it will be better soon.

Same here with my Davis and meteobrigde :roll:

I am not dropping the WU icon on my WS-2000 console, but on the WU website dashboard I am only getting an update every 3 15 minutes instead of the normal 20 to 30 seconds.

After WU fixed the problem last September, it has been very solid and stable for me up until today. I did lose about 4 hours a couple of weeks ago, but that turned out to be my ISP and not WU.


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