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Atlas, WiFi display, want to feed to CWOP/APRS.FI (like in weewxd). How?


      New to WX station operation.  I was given an Atlas.  I had to get my own display and is seemed like the wifi display would fit my need.  It is up and running.  MyAcuRite & WU is working.
      Looking for how to get my station to appear on APRS.FI, it seemed WEEWXD would work.  I installed in on my Kubuntu.  I see nothing working in the linux system.  Without the griping how it should work out of the box, has anyone gotten this to feed it to
     Thanking you in advance,
Rory Griffin W4RJG

Since no one has responded

Someone will correct me if Im wrong. But, I believe the only way is to get a rtl_433 data receiver, and decode the cryptic signal from the Atlas itself. Search for rtl-433 on this thread for more and better information.

Didn't see this early, my understanding is weewx-sdr will connect the output from rtl_433 to WeeWX.  For hardware you'd need an RTL-SDR

I don't know anything about the wifi display, but if it behaves similarly to an Acurite Access unit, you could possible use Acuparse to intercept the data from that on it's way to MyAcurite and have it post to CWOP along with other PWS data aggregators.


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