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Meteobridge PRO erased itself? **solved**


Been running my device for several years. Today I noticed that data had not been uploading to services, and when I went to my Meteobridge Pro via its LAN address it treated me like it was brand new! Had to re-accept the license/user agreement, and all configuration settings included weather station, services, time zone had all been wiped out. There were wizard messages telling me that I had to go to several pages and set configuration data and then apply. For better or worse I had a recently saved configuration file that I restored back to which saved some time and confusion. But was this intentional behavior? Has this happened to others or did I do something wrong that caused it to lose its memory? Any problems with using that stored configuration from September 2022 or has something changed? Seems like I remembered this happening at least once before but it has been a long time and I was newer to the device then so assumed I did it. This time I know I didn't do anything! Thank you for any help, explanation, or hints!

it has happened to me once or twice - reason not reproducable.
Always good to have  a backup of the database and the configuration.  8-)
Meanwhile it's hasn't happened again since long ...
And after the license and configuration restore all continued normally.
The configuration file only contains your customized data - no nothing that can be wrong

Latest releases take special care, that the configuration data is not lost when "pulling the plug" or alike while config data is still written back. Therefore, I expect this issue to not show up again.


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