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WifiLogger 1 freezes


I notice that every half hour, however at exact times my wifilogger 1 goes into hibernation. Does the same thing happen to anyone? After a few minutes, everything works fine. Here it goes in this state, even the VP2 console seems to be hibernated

Garth Bock:
Have you pulled power from the console (batteries too), pulled the WiFiLogger out and reinstalled it to make sure it is seated properly ? Have you tried resetting it and then going through setup? Are you running it on DHCP or do you have a Fixed IP set up ? Where are you uploading data too ? Finally, what is the firmware level of your console and the firmware of the WiFiLogger? Sorry for all the questions but need some details to see where this is going wrong.

I have a WiFiLogger 1 in an Envoy that has never done anything like this.

I ran all the necessary checks and I think I fixed it. The problem was due to the fact that using the wifilogger 1 , I uploaded the data of my VP2 also on a network disk. This thing is no longer useful to me, I disabled it and now everything works fine


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