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How to put Oregon Scientific WMR968 on my website?


I have an Oregon Scientific WMR968 still in the box.
It has never been unpacked.
I want set it up and put the weather on my website.
Is there special software to do this or what?
Thanks for any help.
Yes, I know it is old but still unpacked in the box so it should work fine.
A few years back I found some software online that would take the data from the WMR968 and display it on a website...
but I can't remember what it was.
So thanks again for any help.

Cumulus works with Oregon Scientific WMR-968 station

And the standard Cumulus or CumulusMX website templates will display the data.  Also a few alternate and third-party website templates like Saratoga, Weather34, Cumulustils, and MXUI.



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