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I wanted to know if anyone has posted their weather data to from their own python code.

I don't have an Ecowitt GWxxxx hub or whatever to transmit the data to ECOWITT  but I run a python program that collects all the data from my various sensors most of which are Fine Offset/ Ecowitt based products... WH0291, WH0x080, WH31L, WH51.  I package the data up and send it on to CumulusMX in the Ecowitt format and CumulusMX sends it on to Weather Underground,, PWS Weather etc.   

I would like to send it on to if possible but after lots of "Googling" cannot find the parameters I need.  I see from the website that I need to use a MAC address of the sending device ... So:

1) Is it allowed or must the MAC address be associated with an offcial Ecowitt hub product?
2) If it is allowed does anyone know where I can find the posting address to send it to. (Has anyone "sniffed" the data stream to get this data?)

If it is not allowed then fine but just wanted another bit to add to my project....

Thanks for any pointers...   Mike

Hi Mike,

I have not done it, but it is certainly possible to post your own weather data to  As you guessed, a valid MAC address of an Ecowitt gateway (GW1100, GW2000, or console) is required to publish the data.  The GW1100 can sometimes be purchased on sale for a very reasonable price.  I think I've seen it as low as 23 USD.  So you could consider that your license fee for the service.  Having one could provide data redundancy or just provide the diagnostic ability to sniff the traffic so you could verify the correct submission.

FOSHKplugin is a Python app that can convert and submit data between different services in a similar way as you are looking to accomplish.

I'm sure the data format and URL to POST the data to can be found in FOSHKplugin.  Oliver (a.k.a. Olicat) is the genius who wrote that app.

Others here can probably provide more info and suggestions, too.

Yes you can post your data to ( see: )

This is an example of data posted by my gw1000:


Thanks guys,

I did eventually get it to work before I saw your posts , however their service dept eventually replied :

The upload algorithm is not open, and also we will upgrade the server encryption to protect the data integrity from time to time.
So it is not recommended trying with a software that to simulate the data publishing this way.
The server checks other parameters as well and this part of the info is and will not open to customers like you.
So there will be no further support from our side. Hope you understand.

This may have been due to my series of questions.  I issued a call much like davids'  two days ago and while it was received ok the response was

"errcode":"41001","errmsg":"passkey missing"

This stopped me for a bit while I waited for a reply (and tried with uppercase/lowercase/change positon of passkey and adding ? or & , rechecking the MD5 encoding of the passkey....)  but then the data did actually appear on the website!!  :roll:
Most of my sensors are FO or Ecowitt so I don't feel I am doing anything wrong.


Eventually got the lightning api sorted to add to the ECOWITT call.  (didn't see it in Davidefa's  call to start off with... ](*,)   )

Had not realized the Lightning time was seconds since Jan 1 1970!!  Forunately I had saved both epoch time and "Normal time" in my lightning database.

Also note the api tags are different to the parameter abbreviations in the link  .. (Thanks Davidefa )

--- Quote ---    '&lightning_time=' + str(epoch_time)  + '&lightning=' + str(dist)  + '&lightning_num='+ str(strikes_today)  + \

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the pointers...  Mike


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