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Is there a wxastronomy update

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Does anyone know if there is an update of the wxastronomy.php script by Ken Reed to work with PHP 8.0 and above? Or even if it is still being supported?

Thanks for any help.


If youd zip up the page along with any non-template scripts it includes/requires, Ill take a look at updating it for PHP 8+

So attached is the zp file and hopefully I included everything. The page is https://www.pennlake.us/wxastronomy.php , it was showing the depreciated files but now it is just blank.

Thanks for taking a look!!!! [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]

Ok, it took a bit of effort, but got the three main scripts working.

It does require jpgraph V4.4.0 or above for sunposa.php, and it ONLY works with Weather-Display as it uses testtags.php and clientrawextra.txt
It assumes you had a working version before the PHP8 upgrade and the other image files are not provided.

Wow thanks Ken! I Wish I knew more cause I still have this going on.

Warning: Undefined variable $moontransit in /home/hogan2/pennlake.us/include-wxastronomy.php on line 255

Warning: Undefined variable $moontransit in /home/hogan2/pennlake.us/include-wxastronomy.php on line 257


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