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accurite 01544 iris 5 and 1 wifi please.


wanted to see/ask about some issues im having with this PWS.
5 and 1 sensor has fresh batteries, and the display is showing 5 bars of signal strength from the sensor and the wifi. this particular model indicates that no hub is required for this PWS.
after a very painful and long drawn out process of connecting the PWS to my wifi and wx underground, it finally connects. however, within about 3 hours..for no known reason, it keeps disconnecting. only way to fix it is to reset the display and start over.
the sensor is only able to communicate on 2.5 ghz networks and not 5ghz. i disabled my 5ghz network on my router admin page.
i have changed my wifi channel (to 11), changed all 3 channels on the sensor itself, and it still disconnects after 3 hours or so.
on a facebook group that i subscribe to, someone else (with a accurite atlas) described the same issue. she purchased the access hub and the problem went away. not sure why accurite wouldn't include this/or even advertise the pws that no hub is required if you need it to stay online and connected. i have until october 12th to return this if I need to. if it keeps discoonnecting, i will return this for another brand. i really like the accurite interface and app it has very useful graphs. I really want this to work. only thing i haven't tried is moving the sensor closer to the display. any help would be appericated.

Is it losing connection with your display or WU or with both of them?

There's a problem with WU right now that many different brands of PWS are having connection problems. You have to wait for WU to fix its problems.

as of right now 1:30pm est on 9/23/22 it's still connected both to wifi and wx underground and is reporting and updating every 4 minutes or so.
going into my router settings (turning off 5ghz network) and only broadcasting the 2.5 ghz network seems to have solved the issue. had to do alot of digging and another user on this forum in another thread talked about turning off the 5ghz network. instructions are not very detailed. accurite should update them.
i did notice alot of people having issues with WX underground. so far, so good for me since 3pm yesterday, consistent reporting and it's matching other nearby pws stations for temp, wind and rainfall.

update*** been having mixed luck with this since installing early september 2022.

Here is what i'm working with:
I have Charter Spectrum Internet Service. currently using router provided by my ISP.
-3rd party replacement router will be here this week. having signal issues with ISP supplied router.
the iris only works on the 2.4GHZ wifi network band.

here is my issue- the iris will connect and perform FLAWLESSLY for 28-32 days, then it disconnects. only way to get it to re-connect is to go through the entire setup process again, (web page to enter my wifi password) for the iris..
if i have internet outage, it usually re-connects just fine..
however every 28-32 days it disconnects and refuses to re-connect. sometimes it takes 5-10 tries through the web page to get it to eventually reconnect.

Im baffled. NONE of my other devices, (alexa, smart bulbs/smart tv/phone/tablet) etc do this at all. usually after a outage they reconnect and if they don't all i have to do is simply reboot router and all is good.
really at my wits end with this, hoping someone on here can push me in the right direction.

could i give the iris a static IP address? would that solve my issues with it disconnecting every 28-32 days?
I have FULL WIFI SIGNAL and FULL SIGANL strength from the sensor. so to me, that rules out a weak signal.
thoughts anyone?
i love my iris. just dislike the buggy software.

See my new topic posted today about a similar situation.  I considered whining to you, then figured it does no good to offer no solutions and only say, "yeah, me, too!"  I am hoping you have determined a solution or at least the reason for the "drop out" signal (we saw that when looking at the router).  Thank you.


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