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I just installed the Davis Air Quality Sensor (p/n 7210).  The device is mounted outside facing SW on my shed under an eave.  I noticed that the outside temperature and humidity is different than my Vantage Vue.  Can this be adjusted? 

yes you log into your weatherlink account, click the spanner icon and select the airlink device (will be a sub menu below your man device).  then goto device settings and enter your "offset" values in the Outside Temp/Hum boxes.

Thank you.  I saw that as an option.  I want to wait a few days to make sure the offset is correct should I decide to make the correction.

Because I mounted to sensor facing SW, it appears that the direct sunlight may cause the temperature readings to read higher - is there something that I could put to minimize the direct sunlight for causing the higher readings. 

A sun shade?


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