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I remember DST in the winter of 1970 I think. I walked to school every morning in the dark.

this is a dumb idea

I agree. It's dumb.

Personally I like things as they are. I enjoy the extra hour of daylight in the evenings during the spring, summer and fall and I enjoy the extra daylight in the mornings during the winter (so kids don't have to walk to school in the dark). The change over in the spring is a little stressful, I hate losing that hour of sleep but by the next day I'm over it. Getting the hour back in the fall is awesome.

I haven't had to deal with DST since 1988. Looking back, glad I still don't. I think if we do go, it should be on standard (winter) time. The excuse of summer time making up the majority of the year will be forgotten after the first time of not switching.


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