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What is the gold star medal

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Fleeting at best. Hear today, gone tomorrow. A ghost in the machine. It is not made of gold but made of unobtanium.

A new station has popped up next to me (miles or so away) and I've lost my gold star that I've had for a good few years now.
Interestingly, their data matches mine like for like, mine is a Davis VP and theirs is a GW1100A

 gold star medal next to my station ID.....

 What is that!! :roll:I dont have a gold start many years ago. #-o :lol: :-)

The gold star has been on my station most of the time during the 6 months since I installed it. It seems like periodically (every 5 or 6 weeks) WU will remove the star for no apparent reason, then a couple of days later it is back, again for no apparent reason.

Many of the neighboring stations in my area have badly configured pressure sensors. I am guessing they just installed the station using factory defaults and did no elevation calibration. It always surprises me to see some of these stations get a gold star, although they tend to not keep it for very long.

Well, the gold star is just a curiosity at best. I don't really care if they show it on my station or not. So far, WU has been reliable during the time I have had my station and I appreciate that.

Interestingly, my station had a gold star consistently for the past several weeks. Then on early Monday AM this week Mediacom was doing some work on my neighbor's property and my Internet service was up and down intermittently for about 4 hours so my WS-2000 went offline several times during this outage. When my Internet service stabilized later that morning, I was not surprised to see that my gold star was gone ... that seems legitimate to me. I noticed a neighboring station about .5 miles from me lost their gold star too. IMO that neighboring station never deserved the gold star (even though it is a Davis and mine is Ambient) because they have a poorly calibrated pressure sensor. So, it has now been over 4 days with solid online connection and good quality data values for me, but the gold star has not come back. And guess what! My neighbor has it back with his same poor pressure values! It's no big deal, just kind of funny.


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