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July 4th Fireworks Raises Air Pollution Levels in Oklahoma & Across Country


This map shows how air pollution levels went up in part of Oklahoma due to fireworks. From lots of recent rainy weather, the air had been washed down to levels of 50 or less, but fireworks Sunday night brought it up to the 100 to 200 range. Such pollution levels can be harmful to some sensitive people if exposed for as long as 24 hours. Fortunately, after 11 or 12 pm, pollution levels began to subside, probably due to people firing off fireworks in their backyards quit and went to bed.

The lowest pollution level shown on the map, 67, represents a small residential subdivision in far north Stillwater in an area not heavily populated. Unfortunately, Oklahoma City has no air sensors to contribute to the Purple Air sensor network. Elsewhere in the country, many city pollution levels, apparently from fireworks, were commonly in the 100 to 200 range with some going over 200 or 300.

Here's a look at the current abating firework pollution.  Pick your location.

That might explain why the air purifiers in the house kept firing on high from about 1 am to now.   We had the windows closed, but the air purifier and air conditioner going.  A lot of fireworks in the area.   They might be picking up pollution from these.


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