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WMR 200 Screen Locking Up


I have built a fully loaded WMR 200 home with all the sensors it will support.  Now after many years of use the console has started to lock up.  Now after disconnecting all power, then resetting and powering up the console will respond correctly for about a minute, getting readings from all the stations and allowing screen activation to change channels, etc.  After about a minute, the screen will no longer respond to touch, and several areas of the screen have frozen images.  The wind direction is frozen, but the wind velocity is responding.  The time graph is frozen and the outdoor/indoor temps and humidity are working.  It appears that the barometer is working but the weather outlook image is frozen.  I am unable to change sensor channels.

I was hoping that the data feed was still working properly, but it as well freezes after about a minute.  Data is transmitted to the weather app on a PC via USB right after console reboot, but stops as soon as the console freezes.

Has anyone else had this problem?  Has anyone found the right medication?


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