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WMRS200 repeater


Gleb Erty:
Hi folks!

In process of testing my own 433 mhz stuff I have created a sort of device that may be useful for weather station enthusiasts. This device receives data from Oregon Scientific v3.0 sensors and will be able to retransmit data via 433 mhz transmitter. It uses PIC16F628A microcontroller and chinese cheap 433.92 Mhz receiver/transmitter modules. Receiver is mostly done and the transmitter code will be added a bit later. Device can be used for tracing or receiving sensor data via USB serial port as well. Firmware and schematic are of course completely free, device is simple and anyone with PIC programmer can build it without significant problems. Is anyone interested? :)

After a lot of time.... yes I am interested. Maybe in porting the code to Arduino.


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