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I regularly use Discord and it is great. #Gamer

But the beauty of forums is all the helpful and insightful discussion is publicly recorded. The risk of a Discord server is that people just ask people (or get into the habit of DM/PM others) on Discord their questions, which most the people who visit wxforum.net will never see (as they don't use Discord), valuable information that could be posted on a form, will instead be a drop of water in a lengthy string of messages on Discord. You can have channels on Discord, but not posts, which means channels end up with thousands of messages all about different topics. Plus Discord messages are not search-indexed, so people searching on a search engine (Google, DuckDuckGo, etc), will never find the helpful things people say in Discord.

Also, unless managed by the official WXForum.net staff, if a 3rd party person starts it up, they still have the power to just delete the server, and all the info would be wiped.

Not saying you can't start one up, just saying why I think their are downsides to doing so.


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