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Meteo-Pi & Raspberry Pi™ - first step


How to use Raspberry Pi™&Meteo-Pi with weather software

Step 1 - Please download Linux OS Raspbian for Raspberry Pi Raspbian Buster or direct
Step 2 - Please download special software to put Rasbian to SD card here
Step 3 - Please use USB MicroSD card reader like this, or you can use something similar built-in your laptop if is available.
Step 4 - Put Raspbian (Linux) to SD card using Etcher software via MicroSD card reader.
Step 5 - Please check this screenshots made for manual purpose. In time it will be proper manual. You will find there information how to setup Meteo-Pi and how to download Cumulus MX. Cumulus MX is not the only avaible software to use with Raspberry Pi and Meteo-Pi

With licence:
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^ Great post. Thank you!  [tup]

Probably worth adding that for anyone wishing to run CumulusMX then there are step-by-step instructions here, if starting with a blank SD card:

This probably looks like a lot of instructions if you've never set up a Pi before, but the first half is just setting up the operating system on the SD card and is actually all pretty straightforward if you just take it one step at a time. I'll try to write a more specific version of these generic instructions at some point soon for newcomers to the Raspberry Pi.

NB Contrary to these instructions, I've found it better at the Mono step and if using a Pi Zero to install Mono on the Pi Zero itself rather than switch to a faster Pi for this step.

Since the latest version of Meteohub v5.1b will not natively support any model of the RPi beyond the 3B ( though it will support the 3B+ with modifications to the Raspbian Wheezy Kernal which can’t be done any longer due to Wheezy no longer being supported ) will the Meteo-Pi allow the RPi 3B+ and 4 to run Meteohub?.


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