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The actual ocean tides explained

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You know why

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ohh,very interesting :)

The moving gray bars are where the “bulge” would be, if there were two bulges

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There is no "water theory of the tides".  The old theory of the tides (Newton) was displaced by the Dynamic theory of the tides.   But please never stop promoting your new theory. 

Wikipedia explains the tidal physics in many languages ​​of the world, and different formulas are written in each language, and in some languages ​​there are no formulas at all.
And there are no real, digital calculations of the tidal heights of a particular bay or coast.
By the degree of discrepancy of a particular theory, one can judge the degree of inaccuracy of the theory.
In Wikipedia and the encyclopedia, gravitational and centrifugal forces are equally explained in all languages.


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