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Ambient WS-2000 vs. Ecowitt HP2551 - plus GW1000

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And you can add CumulusMX to the GW1000 compatible software ;)


--- Quote from: mcrossley on January 07, 2020, 08:48:18 AM ---And you can add CumulusMX to the GW1000 compatible software ;)

--- End quote ---

YES! Done. Thank you for reminding me.

Looks like I'll be getting a GW1000 to allow me to send data to CWOP.  Can't beat it for the price on Amazon, that's for sure.  Requires a little technical know-how but that doesn't scare me.  The Amazon blurb is suggesting a short USB cord to get it away from the power supply to prevent issues, has anyone noticed this?  I've seen postings of them sitting right on the brick, and lord knows I have a bunch of those....

I think most people run the GW1000 power off a USB port rather than direct USB power adapter. I run mine off the Meteobridge's USB port, and I've seen others do it off the Raspberry Pi or off a laptop USB ports. No need for extension cable then. Instead of getting an extension cable, if you had no available USB port, I would recommend using a powered USB hub to remedy the USB shortfall. Since there is no data via USB, the GW1000 can be powered anywhere. No issues reported by powering directly by a device's USB port, which I suppose is different than powering directly by an AC/DC converter.

Mine is directly connected to some old AC to USB phone charger.  I have not seen any issues.  It is on the opposite side of my house from the weather station.  I have several sensors (T/H, soil moisture, PM2.5, and they all connect with no issues to the GW1000.
One thing to keep in mind, the indoor T/H is cabled into the unit so think about where you want the inside measurements to be taken.


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