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Ambient WS-2000 vs. Ecowitt HP2551 - plus GW1000

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--- Quote from: Rover1822 on May 31, 2021, 01:25:00 PM ---

WSView does not show live data for a WS-2000. It does allow some configurations, like outbound http for the various servers, like the custom server

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This market have so much confusion for  no reason:

The WS2000 is a Bundle (console+sensors) and cost 280 dollars.
The WS2000 is also just the console at 180 dollars
The GW1000 cost 35 bucks and does what a console does but without a display...

All consoles upload their data to X internet services.

The GW1000 support every sensors that the WS2000 support (and more)
ONLY GW1000 and the WH2650  server sensor data on a local network.

The software WSView get the data directly from the Consoles; not from the sensors or weather stations, not from internet.

Everything should be pretty obvious, simple and straightforward but obviously isn't.

Maybe there will be the WS1900 (or WN1900), similar to GW1000 but with a display!


--- Quote from: zoomx on May 31, 2021, 04:22:20 PM ---Maybe there will be the WS1900 (or WN1900), similar to GW1000 but with a display!

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That seem a great idea.
But I still love the concept of a really small cheap modular minimal GW1000 style solution


--- Quote from: WA4OPQ on February 06, 2020, 10:00:42 PM ---It was mentioned earlier in this thread that it might be advisable to use a USB extension cord on the GW1000. Someone wondered if anyone had ever had a problem with that.

That would be me.

I had an intermittent drop out problem with my GW1000. After many configuration changes I solved the problem with a three foot cord.

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Found a cheap GW1000 clone on sale (ProTech WSMG1000) for 18 EUR. Placed it directly on a quite modern USB charger. Everything worked OK. But after something like 24 hours both the WSView and the WSView Plus apps no longer could connect to the console. Just displayed "Connecting..." The console was publishing data from my sersors to Ecowitt and WU with no hickups, though. Pulled the console from the adapter and everything worked for another 24 hours. Then same issue. Bought 5 metres of extension cord (almost as cheap as 1.8 metres). Has been going for 48 hours now. So, the advice not to plug the console directly into a charger seems legit for some of us.

The actual Ecowitt GW1100 now comes with an extension cord for that very reason!



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