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Hello to everyone

I'll introduce myself first. My name is Wojciech and I come from Poland.

I would like to inform you that I am preparing a new product for use with Davis weather stations, mainly with Vantage pro2 and Vantage Vue.

This product is a data logger with WiFi communication, which does not need a computer to export data. With this data logger your favorite weather station will become a true Internet of Things device.

I first posted about WiFiLogger here back in January, and a few WxForum members have been testing it with me.  WIFiLogger is in the final stage of testing and production and will be available soon. I will try to release it no later than mid-June.

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Main features:
- Has communication via WiFi
- Fits completely in the console.
- It has a built-in web interface for viewing data, you can download archived data, set some station options, and define services to which it will send data autonomously.
- Works with programs such as WeatherLink and Cumulus.
- It is powered from the console, but a professional user can change it to external power supply.
- Consumes 0.3 Watt of energy
- Easy to install and use.

Exports data to:
- ftp - only archive
- with the RapidFire option
- during testing
- more can be added in the future

I will keep you updated on the plans to launch this device.
Thank you for reading my post.

Where to buy
Newest firmware:

Sweet!  Any idea on pricing?

Yes. I will reveal prices soon.

Finally, we can talk about it. :)

well done very nice ..


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