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Converting Davis Weatherlink files from Mac (.WLK) to PC (.LIN)


I may have missed it on this Forum but I would like to be able to convert my data from a Mac to PC, as I have now loaded Davis Weatherlink on a PC and  am running my Vantage Pro 2 system through a small Mele PC computer.  Davis say that this is not possible, but I am sure that there is some genius out there that has completed this successfully.

Post a sample of the .LIN (?) file.  BTW, J Ruy's WLK reader/writer might be of use here.

.LIN file? What is that, never heard of it. PC uses .WLK, is this a different .WLK file to the MAC .WLK file?

I realise that the Mac version saves the files with a filename from the first 3 letters of the folder name (unable to upload file type here).  Really grateful if someone could provide instructions on how to convert and then add to library on new PC Weatherlink station.

not sure how J Ruy's reader /writer will be of any use, unless it can actually read in the Mac weatherlink software record file format
(maybe it can if all that needs to be done is to change the file name extension, but that is a big if and if that was the case then you would just need to change the file name and extension and copy the data files to the windows station install location anyway


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