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Stell gauges with WeatherCat


I have the Steel gauges working with my meteobridge but am not managing to do it with the WeatherCat program

realtimegaugesWC.txt is updated on the server just fine; the Steel gauges are in their folder in the same level as the realtimegaugesWC.txt file; gauges.js is set as follows:

Line 38:

--- Code: ---            imgPathURL         : '../../',            //*** Change this to the relative path for your 'Trend' graph images
--- End code ---
Line 68:

--- Code: ---realTimeUrlWC      : '../../realtimegaugesWC.txt',   //*** WeatherCat Users: Change to your location of the JSON script generator ***
--- End code ---

and the scroller/tickertape consistently reports "error - Not Found"
--- Quote ---
--- End quote ---

I'm sure I am missing something very obvious and basic but can't seem to spot it.


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