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Website Uptime Display script by Anole


Anybody who is interested in displaying there weather PC and web server uptime on there website can do so with the following script from Anole. Instructions are included in the download and it should be self-explanatory. The output will look similar to the example below. I find this very useful since I was always wondering how many days my PC's were running since the last reboot. I don't have monitors on my weather servers and am to lazy to VNC in.   :lol:  It will also give you the uptime of your webhost which can be helpful at times. Have fun and thanks Larry.  :D

Example of output:
Wx Station PC:
9 days, 21 hours, 19 mins
Tides PC:
43 days, 55 hours, 22 mins
Web Server:
6 days, 12 hours, 35 mins

Download uptime_1.0.zip


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