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OS WMR968 Temperature/Humidity readings not showing

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I have an Oregon Scientific WMR968 station. The temperature and humidity readings are not showing up from the outside unit. I took the str928n sending unit apart and changed the Litium AA batteries but it still does not send to the base unit. The original Ni-MH Battery is still in there. The outside wires look ok. I would like to know if anyone has expereinced this and what would possibly be the reason for it not working. The rest of the hardware is working correctly, just the temperature and humidity readings are not showing. Any suggestions are appreciated.

I'm having a similar problem with mine but the temperature reading shows for a while. Then a low battery indicator show up next to the temperature reading on the base. After a time the temperature reading and the low battery disappear completely. I replaced the lithium batteries and the ni-mh and still the same problem. Do you ever get a temperature reading, IE when you power the base down?

It did not work intermittently at all and did not show low battery. It just stopped working. My other satellites send and the base receives the information. I was thinking of getting a new no-mh and trying it, but I assume the new lithium batteries should work but they haven't.

Yes, mine dropped out last year (I think in May) and appears similar to your problem/issue. The root cause to this failure was ANTS! 

You would not believe the actual number of ants that made their home in the little white sensor.

Speaking reminded me to get out and place some granular type pest control at the base of my pole/station!

It's that time again  #-o

Best regards

I found this on ambient weather on how to check when the outdoor sensor no longer transmits.
You can diagnose by the light on the solar transmitter.

You can check the contacts on the cable coming into the transmitter from the sensor and clean them
with some alcohol.


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