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I would like to create this thread where I will post information about new features, fixes and updates in general.

If you want, you can also subscribe to email updates or use the RSS feed or associated FB page (www.meteotemplate.com/blog)

A brand new plug in is now available.

The script loads NOAA data regarding current absolute extremes for all the US states. This includes the highest ever recorded temperature, lowest ever recorded temperature, highest ever recorded precipitation in 24h, highest snowfall in 24h and highest snow depth.

The data from NOAA is checked once per day and cached.

Each record also includes the station where the particular value was measured and clicking on the station name opens a map, which shows location and some more information about this particular COOP station.

Data can also be viewed as a sortable list or as an interactive graph.
Demo: http://www.meteotemplate.com/template/plugins/usExtremes/usExtremes.php
Download: http://www.meteotemplate.com/download/plugins/usExtremes_1.0.zip
Info/comments: http://meteotemplate.com/blog/?p=94

Excellent Jachym, I have it included now http://www.komokaweather.com/j-template/plugins/usExtremes/usExtremes.php

It was very easy to set up and install.  Seen here: http://www.shermanctweather.org/meteo1/plugins/usExtremes/usExtremes.php


Congratulations on your new template!  Well done!

I've made this topic 'sticky' so it will remain at the top of the list in this board.

Best regards,


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