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Weewx FTP upload issue with Godaddy servers


I've got my archive_interval set to 300 seconds which activates the FTP upload to my web site every 5 minutes.  All is well with my Davis V2P station and all data is transferred to the web site.  The problem is that during the FTP upload, which takes about 40 seconds, all other web site access is stopped.  The download of the Weewx page takes only one second or less, however, during the FTP upload all download activity stops, not just the Weewx data. 
Example: Trying to download a recipe from my wife's subdomain on the site stops.
With the interval set for FTP upload for every 5 minutes minus 40 seconds of downtime after each interval, my website is effectively down for 13 to 15% of the time.  Not good.
Does anyone have any experience with this issue?
Any help would be appreciated.  Of course I could set the interval for every half hour or hour, but that would negate the idea of having somewhat real time weather data.

The developers of WeeWx, have a  Google groups page that you may post to and see if you can get an answer from them.

Sorry for the delayed response.
I finally got around to calling Godaddy support.  They assured me that I'm seeing normal operation of their shared hosting.  When FTP process is uploading, the server locks all other activity since files are being changed.  In that regard it makes sense, but it also affects my email activity.  I can't send email while the FTP is active.

Thanks for your reference to the Google users' group.  I'll check it out.


MODIFIED: January 6, 2015   Problem fixed.  Moved weather site to another hosting service.


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