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They have a meeting in my town Oct 16. I am going to go


They have a meeting in my town Oct 16. I am going to go

I found this web site.

The National Weather Service welcomes volunteers with an interest in severe weather spotting. The Skywarn™ program is a voluntary noble civic service. Reports made by spotters provide visual confirmation of potentially severe weather and aid forecasters in issuing warnings.

Skywarn Fall 2008 Training

If you have the time and are interested. I would highly recommend taking the course. Our local NWS offers 2 courses. Level 1 (Basic) & Level 2 (Advanced).

W Thomas:
I agree with Anthony!
If you can fit the class into your schedule by all means try to attend!
It is a very informative class and always gets lots of discussion participation from those in attendance..or the ones I have attended have anyway.

My trouble here is I am on the border line of CWA'a authority so I try to attend one from each CWA every year or so.. I didn't make it to any this year
but I hope to correct that next year :)



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