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Raingauge Cleaning


Andy Overton:
It seems like the right thing to do to keep your raingauge funnel clean and shiny so that rain runs easily down to the base and through to the buckets but I have recently found out that this is actually counterproductive.  It's fine (indeed essential) to check regularly for debris in the funnel (yes, we're back to the bird issue again) but actually cleaning the funnel surface of the general dirty film that grows on it should be avoided.  The plastic raingauge, indeed all raingauges, slowly build up a thin film of metal oxide or a fine cover of ingrained dust which covers the underlying material and this can help stop the formation of large drops and so aids draining Ė so donít clean the raingauges! If the collector has a clean shiny glossy surface it may actually stop the flow of water until the drops get very big.

My thanks for this information to Ian Strangeways, who is a well known expert on raingauges in the UK and has done a lot of work on them all round the world.  No more polishing for me then........

Mark / Ohio:
That's interesting to know.  It's does make sense if you think about a freshly waxed car and the water beading up.  But a dirty car the water just speads and runs off evenly.

So clean your gauge and leave behind a thin film of a wetting agent, like dish detergent. That should help it drain better.

And then, somebody please turn off the bubble machine...  :lol:

Mark / Ohio:

--- Quote from: "W3DRM" ---And then, somebody please turn off the bubble machine...  :lol:
--- End quote ---

You forgot to rinse well Don!   :P  :wink:

Hey, now there's a support issue to send Ed at Ambient.  My rainguage is foaming!  It must be defective and I want a replacement!    

That should make for an entertaining response.   :lol:


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